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Writing: Circle and Write Picture Word Sentences for Handwriting Practice and Sentence Building

Writing: Circle and Write Picture Word Sentences for Handwriting Practice and Sentence Building Created by: Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR The Handwriting Clinic/First Strokes Products
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Picture Word Sentences for Handwriting Practice and Sentence Building! Need an activity for students to begin to form sentences? This is perfect! It supports gifted early learners, as well as students who have learning differences. Perfect for students with special needs and autism too! Pictures are paired with words, and organized so that the students can compose their own sentence with visual supports. Print out and place in centers or give to students individually. Students can write sentences on handwriting paper, or on unlined paper, depending on skill level. For students with special needs, an instructor can work one on one with the student to compose a sentence, and then can write the sentence in orange marker, for the student to trace the letters (please supervise that the student traces in the correct sequence).  

These activities have been used at The Handwriting Clinic in Plano, Tx, with success! Students generalize handwriting, and love the visual supports. This allows the students to not have to focus on spelling - that can come later. This just allows the students beginning writing literacy. So many students have trouble composing thoughts, or get too worried that they cannot spell. This file will give confidence as students begin to write. Students with auditory processing, or pragmatic speech disorders really benefit from the picture support.

This file can also be used on a smart board to use with an entire class.

60 pages - enough for 2 months of writing labs. Many sentences can be formed form each page. This file goes from simple, to more complex - but still focuses on beginning sight words. All Pre-primer Dolch sightwords are included with picture support in this file!

Created by Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR from The Handwriting Clinic/First Strokes Products. This file probably took the longest to write, of all my products - I spent months and months on drawing pictures to support this one. As I completed pictures, I tried this out in centers with students, and the results were very exciting for beginning learners, and especially for students with special needs. Enjoy!