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STOP Number Reversals Program from First Strokes Products

STOP Number Reversals Program is a multi-sensory, motor program to work on number reversals. Created by Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR from The Handwriting Clinic/First Strokes Products.
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STOP Number Reversals! There is no need for students to reverse numbers! WIth cognitive cues and a multi-sensory approach - most students from Kindergarten and above can learn to stop making number reversals. Created by Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR for use at The Handwriting Clinic, in Plano, Texas, this program is now available on The Therapy Share. Usually, after one hour of practice, most students have mastered numbers without reversals - and just need review and sometimes desk or pencil topper cue cards. Full instructions, templates, cards, worksheets - all are included in this document. This program has 2 packets, depending on how students draw number 5 (number 5 is often taught motorically in 2 different ways). Each packet has cognitive cues, and worksheets. For a classroom, the teacher can show the slides on the smart board and the students can have their own printed sheets. The teacher can also print a set of worksheets and cue cards for center time for students to rotate through the center. Or a teacher or therapist can work with a child individually, and give the templates in sheet protectors for individual practice. After the student has mastered the cognitive cues - (usually takes about 15 - 20 minutes of instruction and practice), then the student can practice in fun ways using the play dough templates, or the jello tracing templates (teacher draws the number on the template in glue, lets dry - and the students have the perfect tactile card to trace with eyes closed - and the jello will not flake off!). All templates can be used for individual instruction or put in centers. Multi-sensory games, air writing, and more fun are included. Sing number rhymes as students practice, for even more cognitive cues. Perfect for classrooms, perfect for tutoring, perfect for therapy, and perfect for parents to help their own child. Every Kindergarten, first grade and second grade teacher needs this file to help students who struggle with reversals! All occupational therapists that work in school settings need this file to help students - and parents and teachers can download this file for more practice with other students who do not qualify for therapy! This file was created in June, 2013 - please comment and let us know how it helps your students - it has helped many of our students at The Handwriting Clinic - and our goal is to help every student STOP Making Number Reversals!