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STOP Letter Reversals Program from First Strokes Products

Multi-sensory Letter Reversals Program created by Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR from The Handwriting Clinic/First Strokes Products
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STOP Letter Reversals! A multi-sensory, kinesthetic program that is VERY comprehensive! Designed by an occupational therapist, Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR, from The Handwriting Clinic/First Strokes Products. A very comprehensive program that focuses on visual memory skills through cognitive cues, multi-sensory learning, and gross motor, visual memory games/activities. Most programs use mostly cognitive strategies for letter reversals - and students do have a strategy for remembering the correct way of writing a letter. But, this program works on a student achieving automaticity and visual memory so that a student no longer has to cognitively think about the letters as they write. Ever have a student that can write the letters correctly in isolation using common cognitive strategies, but when doing classroom work writing sentences and words, the student reverts back to reversals? Students can do one cognitive task at a time - think about the reversal strategy or think about composition, punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc. This program is a MOTORIC program, working with students on motoric strategies paired with cognitive cues. This is a good strategy to get students remembering the strategies, and implementing the strategies when they write. 103 pages, very comprehensive and works on the following letters:

d b g j e z p s q

The program includes flashcards, worksheets, review strategies, visual memory games, bingo game, lotto game, playdoh mat templates for working on components of letters