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Basic Vocabulary Book Bundle

Seller - SpeechlandFun

I love these books. They are the perfect way to keep young or low level students engaged while teaching basic vocabulary. The books included are: - Let's Get Dressed! (Clothing Vocabulary) - Around the House (Household Items Vocabulary) - Body Parts Vocabulary Book (With Body Parts Poster) - Let's Move! (Basic Action Interactive Book) All books also include vocabulary flashcards for further review. If you have any questions please ask. Don't forget to leave a comment/ review! Enjoy!

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Child DOCX forms for Pediatric Private Practice in Speech Therapy

Seller - kateshepard

A collection of 16 forms created for use in my pediatric private practice. These forms took hours to perfect! Each form has fully customizable information for your own practice. The Header includes an area to insert your logo and contact information, as well as a small table to insert client details (e.g., ID number). The forms match in “style” to ensure a professional image for your practice.

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Conflict Resolution

Seller - Rllcsw

The DEESC Script is a tool that children, teens, and parents can use to make requests to each other in positive and assertive ways. This worksheet also can be used with the "feelings check-in" worksheet. This worksheet is great to use in the "conflict corner" of the classroom and is easy for children who have difficulty reading.

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