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The Fine Motor Store
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  • Setting
    School OT/Pediatric/Adult Rehab/Geriatric
  • Education History
    Masters in Administration in Occupational Therapy - Texas Woman's University BS in Occupational Therapy - University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Discipline
    Occupational Therapy
  • Bio Info

    I am Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR. I had 19 years experience as an OT in the public schools. I also teach the peds class in the occupational therapy department at Texas Woman's University in Dallas. In 2002 I started The Handwriting Clinic, which just recently moved to Richardson, Texas. The Handwriting Clinic has private therapy and group classes for fine motor skills, handwriting and keyboarding. In 2002, I created First Strokes Products - fine motor, handwriting and keyboarding products. I have a catalog of my products at I sell hard goods on my website, including site licenses for schools and clinics for our handwriting products. However, I have over 100 fine motor products that are printable, digital products. Many are designed for classrooms or private clinics. I have showcased these products at AOTA and also the Mountain Central Conferences. Many therapists have been excited about these printable products and use them in other settings such as hand therapy, geriatrics, cognitive rehab. I am so excited to be able to post them on The Therapy Share. It will take me awhile to get them all posted, but as I do so, I am trying to make these products geared to many settings in occupational therapy, and even many products for speech therapy. I am extremely excited be a part of The Therapy Share - what an incredible opportunity for therapists to share creative ideas that will inspire other therapists! Many therapy catalogs have high priced activities that are purchased and sit in therapy closets. With printable activities, a therapist can store and print quality activities for clients on a caseload. For traveling therapists, printables can be stored in sheet protectors within binders. No more car trunks loaded to the brim with therapy tools! While you cannot replace all your tools with digital printables - you can make a huge difference in managing the quality of your therapy with quality products that require little storage. Please follow my store - The Fine Motor Store. I will be uploading many new products over the next few months. Thank you to The Therapy Share for building this platform for therapists!