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Outpatient Clinics

Free Direct Billing Webinar

Seller - andreahardyrd

In this workshop she will be discussing: Exactly how much time and $$$ is involved in direct billing. The client volume you need to make direct billing work. If there are better companies to worth with than others. Join us if you are interested in increasing access to dietitan services and want to know if it would be a good fit for you and your practice!

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Child DOCX forms for Pediatric Private Practice in Speech Therapy

Seller - kateshepard

A collection of 16 forms created for use in my pediatric private practice. These forms took hours to perfect! Each form has fully customizable information for your own practice. The Header includes an area to insert your logo and contact information, as well as a small table to insert client details (e.g., ID number). The forms match in “style” to ensure a professional image for your practice.

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Conflict Resolution

Seller - Rllcsw

The DEESC Script is a tool that children, teens, and parents can use to make requests to each other in positive and assertive ways. This worksheet also can be used with the "feelings check-in" worksheet. This worksheet is great to use in the "conflict corner" of the classroom and is easy for children who have difficulty reading.

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Passive, Assertive and Aggressive Communication

Seller - Rllcsw

The product helps children learn the differences between passive, assertive, and aggressive communication. It can be utilized in individual, group or family therapy. 36 different common scenarios are provided for children to categorize. After the child identifies each of the types of communication correctly she/he can circle which ones s/he engages in to better understand his/her style of communication.

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Anger Thermometer

Seller - Rllcsw

This tool is designed to help children understand how events/situations precipitate certain emotions as well as help children understand the difference between various intensities of anger. This tool includes an anger thermometer with with pre-printed anger provoking situations as well as one with blank spots where a child, teacher, counselor, or parent can list various anger provoking situations.

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