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Feelings Go Fish

This product includes 48 "Go Fish" cards with 24 unique feeling words. Each card has a different picture, so it works great for kids with difficulty ready.
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1. Print 2 copies of the cards, cut them out, and laminate them if possible. It works best to mount the cards to dark construction paper or print them on cardstock so you can't see through them. 2. Deal 5 cards to each player and place the rest in a pile.
3. Players hold their cards so they are able to see them, but no one else can.
4. Before starting the game, all of the players put any pairs they happen to have in their hand down and have to say a time s/he had the feeling listed on the card
5. Starting with the youngest player and moving clockwise, the player asks one of their opponents "Do you have ____" The card requested should be one the player has in his/her hand.
If the opponent has the card, they must give it to the player. If the opponent does not have the card they say "Go Fish!" The player must then pick a single card from the pile of cards. If they make a pair, they get another turn.
6. If a player runs out of cards, they pick three more from the pile of cards.
7. The winner of the game is the person with the most matches.