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Early Intervention

Anger Thermometer

Seller - Rllcsw

This tool is designed to help children understand how events/situations precipitate certain emotions as well as help children understand the difference between various intensities of anger. This tool includes an anger thermometer with with pre-printed anger provoking situations as well as one with blank spots where a child, teacher, counselor, or parent can list various anger provoking situations.

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Basic Vocabulary Book Bundle

Seller - SpeechlandFun

I love these books. They are the perfect way to keep young or low level students engaged while teaching basic vocabulary. The books included are: - Let's Get Dressed! (Clothing Vocabulary) - Around the House (Household Items Vocabulary) - Body Parts Vocabulary Book (With Body Parts Poster) - Let's Move! (Basic Action Interactive Book) All books also include vocabulary flashcards for further review. If you have any questions please ask. Don't forget to leave a comment/ review! Enjoy!

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