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Early Intervention

Farm Fun Early Language Packet (Preschool & K)

Seller - SpeechlandFun

This packet was created for preschoolers and kindergarteners! It has lots of activities and worksheets. I have also included an activity suggestion page with some helpful ideas for fun activities to get the kiddos up and moving. Units targeted in this packet include spatial concepts, size concepts, and basic inferencing. There are also do-a-dot pages and a generic board game. I hope you love it!

File is in .pdf format


Feelings Word Search

Seller - Rllcsw

This is a great activity to help children broaden their feeling vocabulary. After completing it you can have the child identify a time s/he experienced this feeling. **Please note the word "sneaky" is not in the word search. This was done on purpose as it is "sneaky" to not include a word that is listed.

File is in .doc format


Fighting Fear and Anxiety

Seller - Rllcsw

This product is designed to assist children understand how behaviors and thoughts affect anxiety and fear. The child will identify physical and behavioral symptoms of anxiety, anxious thoughts, coping thoughts, and rewards one gets by facing fear and anxiety.

File is in .docx format


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