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Autism and Special Needs: Prepositions Matching and Writing Activities!

Autism and Special Needs: Prepositions Matching and Writing Activities! by Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR The Handwriting Clinic/First Strokes
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Autism and Special Needs: Prepositions Matching and Writing Activities! Jan McCleskey, MA, OTR from The Handwriting Clinic/First Strokes created this file out of a need to have sentence building activities for students with autism and special needs. Perfect for occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education teachers and parents. This file is also perfect for regular ed students as center time activities - preschool through Kindergarten. This file, has 42 sentence prompts, and 49 picture/match cards to teach prepositions. The file also has adapted handwriting paper and techniques to make writing more accessible for students with low visual motor skills. Even non-writers can find the answers by just coloring or marking the answer!

Farm animals, transportation, sea animals, zoo animals, outdoors, camping are separate themes in this unit with sentences and matching activities. Pictures paired with words, help non-readers and students with poor visualization and processing of sentence structure. This activity can be used multiple ways. It was designed, for a student to fill in the blank and then to copy the sentence. The file comes with several different types of handwriting paper for students with low visual motor skills. Created by an occupational therapist, this file works very well for students who are beginning to read and compose sentences, but may need picture cues. Students will begin to understand sentence structure. Many students who have special needs, have learned to write letters, but continue to have poor visual motor skills. They may not be able to write on traditional three lined paper. However, they may be able to begin to write sentences. For these students, if given a space on a paper to write - the students will write large and with an inconsistency of size, and poor organization on a page. The adapted sentence handwriting paper is black lined, and comes in various width in order to contain student's writing in a linear manner. There is also adapted 3 lined paper in this file. This file also has directions for how to make a plastic template for writing. Jan had several students who needed to contain their letters, and have a tactile border. She has the instructions for how to make this template, for approximatey $1.00 for a plastic folder. Of course, it is always best if students use traditional handwriting paper - but this kit has a variety of sizes, plus three lined paper. Some students can write with cueing from an instructor. This file was created, so that Jan could work with students to write sentences independently with decreased cueing from the instructor.

The picture/word sentences are simple, and concrete examples that the student can see within a concrete picture since many students with special needs have difficulty with abstract concepts. The sentence prompts contain pre-primer and primer level Dolch sight words. Many non-readers can "read" the sentences with the picture/word cues. For non-writers, the instructor can make a center with the sheets in sheet protectors. The student could point, or mark, the correct answer and this unit could be used over and over. Or teachers could make matching activities for training.. 
A little teacher or therapist creativity - and this file could go a long way. Adorable, high quality, pictures created by Jan. This file took hours and hours of work - and has been pretested at The Handwriting Clinic/Plano, Tx. Results have been favorable - students seem to like the linear progression. The plastic template has helped several non-functional writers with weak visual motor skills, progress to independent sentences with improved legibility. Jan will be making more files for autism and special needs - please follow Jan McCleskey (The Fine Motor Store) for new items in a similar format. Items will blend developmental skills with sentence building. This is a high quality file, with good graphics. FUN!