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Articulation - Isolation to Conversation - L Final

Everything you need to work at each stage of the hierarchy. 25 Pages
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Practical resources for Speech and Language Therapy

Are you are a busy SLT looking for new resources to work with clients on their sounds - activities which are motivating and engaging?

If this sounds like you then our “From Isolation to Conversation” series is for you.

Each resource in the series provides a structured set of activities and games to assist you in working through the Articulation Hierarchy with your students.

All the activities are designed to be interactive and engaging, helping you to keep your students on task.

Each sound resource can be bought for individual sound positions or as a sound bundle.

Artwork has been rendered in black and white.  This lets you go easy on the printer cartridges whilst also inspiring creativity within your session.

Activities are flexible giving you the opportunity to alter complexity levels and modify to reuse over time.

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